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# Select type of programmer: Tools>Programmer>Arduino as ISP
# Select type of programmer: Tools>Programmer>Arduino as ISP
# Burn: Tools>Burn Bootloader
# Burn: Tools>Burn Bootloader
=Flash optiboot=
Read: http://yveaux.blogspot.tw/2014/07/changing-arduino-bootloader-to-optiboot.html

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This page describes how to upload a bootloader on an Arduino Pro Mini with an Arduino Uno.


Hardware Connexion

Arduino Uno (Programmer) Arduino Pro Mini
3.3V or 5V (depending on on Mini version) Vcc
10 Reset
11 (MOSI) 11 (MOSI)
12 (MISO) 12 (MISO)
13 (SCK) 13 (SCK)

Programming with IDE

Disconnect the Arduino Pro Mini

Program the programmer


  1. Select the ArduinoISP Sketch: Select File>Examples>Arduino ISP
  2. Select your programmer board (Arduino Uno): Tools>Board>Arduino Uno
  3. Select the serial port: Tools>Serial Port>COMXXX
  4. Upload

Connect the Arduino Pro Mini

Flash the bootloader


  1. Select the target board: Tools>Board>Arduino Pro Mini ...
  2. Select type of programmer: Tools>Programmer>Arduino as ISP
  3. Burn: Tools>Burn Bootloader

Flash optiboot

Read: http://yveaux.blogspot.tw/2014/07/changing-arduino-bootloader-to-optiboot.html http://sensortesthome.blogspot.kr/2015/03/using-optiboot-for-arduino-pro-mini-33v.html